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Take a journey into your inner world…
You will have exciting experiences in the dazzling serenity of Spa by Park Hotel. Our spa offers relaxing alternatives for your peace of mind and rejuvenated body.
You will feel alleviated at the massage and therapy parlous and beauty salons; you will purify your mind and body at the Turkish bath, classical bath…..; shape up at the RED indoor swimming pool and enjoy an actual comfort beyond your dreams at Spa by Park Hotel, where you will rediscover your inner world.


A range of deeply therapeutic, holistic massages using harmonious blends of essential oils.


With a cleansing blend of grapefruit and Juniper berry citrus oils to help stimulate the system and aid detoxification


A reviving blend of English Peppermint, Rosemary and Eucalyptus clear the mind and restore energy levels.


With relaxing and calming essential oils of West Indian Bay and Clove to soothe tired muscles and de-stress the mind.


Rebalance energy levels with an uplifting blend of Eucalyptus and Peppermint or relax into untroubled sleep with soothing Myrrh and frankincense essential oils.


A combination of Sweet orange, Myrrh and Palmarosa essential oils are used for their skin toning and firming properties.


Using a powerful blend of Tea Tree and Eucalyptus essential oils known for their natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.


This traditional Thai yoga massage uses a combination of acupressure movements and stretching techniques to release tension, elongate muscles and balance the flow of energy through the body. This intensive treatment is performed without oil on a restful Thai massage mat, loose comfortable clothing will be provided by The Spa.

SWEDISH MASSAGE 50 or 80 minutes

This classic full-body massage flows with rhythmic grace, inspired by traditional Swedish massage techniques. Known to help improve the healthy function of the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular and nervous systems while easing away tension from the body.


Long days, hours at a computer and tireless travelling, can lead to stress. This treatment is a great soother targeting tension concentrated in the back, shoulders, neck, hands and eyes. A stimulating back, neck and shoulder massage release tight muscles while the soothing, refreshing eye treatment, relaxing hand massage and deeply calming scalp massage allow you to drift into a relaxed, refreshed state of mind.


Many cultures believe that the foot mirrors the body’s systems and by massaging specific reflex points and meridians on the feet, balance can be achieved in the functions of the body, creating an over all sense of wellbeing. Beginning with a welcome foot ritual and scalp massage, the therapist then works along energy lines of the feet to release any blocked energy, induce relaxation and bring balance.

RELAX MASSAGE 60 minutes

As with any kind of massage, the benefits of a relaxation massage can last for several days after your treatment. Relaxation massage – like other forms of massage - can offer the following benefits:
  • Lowering blood pressure – at least for a while
  • Improvements to peripheral circulation
  • Improvements to skin tone and appearance
  • Improvements to gastrointestinal motility (bowel movements will become more regular)
  • Some reduction in muscle tension including the relief of muscle tension headaches
  • Improvements to any stress-related symptoms. This can include providing a gentle boost to the immune system if you undergo regular treatments.

SPORT MASSAGE 60 minutes

Sports massage therapy is geared toward athletes of every kind, from world-class professionals to weekend joggers. The particulars of the sports massage technique are specific to the athlete's sport of choice. Focusing on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements.
Aspects of sports massage therapy are gaining popularity as useful components in a balanced training regimen. Sports massage therapy can be used as a means to enhance pre-event preparation and reduce recovery time for maximum performance during training or after an event. Athletes have discovered that specially designed sports massage promotes flexibility, reduces fatigue, improves endurance, helps prevent injuries and prepares their body and mind for optimal performance.